In the Bible we get an amazing picture of what the gospel is all about. Movement. Jesus never stood still, stagnate, waiting. He always moved intentionally with the purpose of making an impact with every step he took. He sat with the hurting, healed the broken, and ultimately brought redemption to humanity on the cross. Jesus’ heart was to run towards the mess because in the messiness of life is where his power is made the strongest.

Here at the Journey we believe that if Jesus moved, so will we. That’s why, like Jesus we will be moving in power into the midst of the messiness of life in Deltona. In a city with 90k+ people and with the majority of them never experiencing the love of Jesus. We will be on a mission to equip the church to see everyone helping someone take steps to follow Christ…right where they live.

So we asked ourselves the hard question, What would love do? What would it do in the world, would in the state of Florida, and would it do in the city of Deltona?

What would love do?

On September 8 at 10:00 am, launch our Deltona Campus.
Because where love moves, love conquers.


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